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The Intelligent Complex Adaptive System Model for Organizations

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This paper proposes a new model for organizations that live in a dynamic, complex environment. The model proposes to represent a new theory of the firm, one that starts with the fact that organizations are not metaphors of living systems but are living systems. As such, they have the potential to take advantage of those facets of living organisms that have proven efficacious throughout evolution. By that we mean that evolutionary survival has repeatedly shown that complexity in the form of variety, selectivity and adaptation have been the hallmarks of successful organisms throughout evolution, especially when their environment was changing and threatening.

While  emergent properties of complex organizations—arising out of multiple, nonlinear interactions—cannot be controlled, actions can be taken to influence the system’s behavior in such a way that the desired emergent properties, or something close to them, will emerge.


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Written by learningchange

April 12, 2012 at 3:16 pm

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