Deleuze as Networkologist: ‘The Logic of Sense’ and the Networkology of Events

The world is, for Deleuze, an intertwined series of layer of networks within networks. Which is not to say that Deleuze says all of this in anything like a systematic fashion. But all of this is present, if in the margins, of Deleuze’s texts. All of which produces the basis upon which it becomes possible to put Deleuze’s work into discourse with the contemporary manifestations of the science of networks. For, in fact, Deleuze was not here to see the internet, nor the more developed forms of globalized capital, nor networked approaches to the mind and artificial intelligence. And while his networkology of events is, in fact, central to his metaphysics, it fascinates me that few beyond DeLanda have truly pursued this approach to Deleuze before.


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