ASSYST – Action for the Science of complex SYstems and Socially intelligent icT


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ASSYST – Complex Systems Science. Expert Consultation Report

The ASSYSTCoordination Action includes the following objectives:

  • To promote Complex Systems for Socially Intelligent ICT (COSI-ICT) and, more generally, Complex Systems (CS) Science in Europe and Worldwide, by communicating widely with scientists, policy makers, business people and in particular showcasing success stories of CS applications;
  • To promote and support CS scientific interchange in Europe and worldwide, through the organisation of scientific meetings;
  • To create strong links between CS and both the Public and Private Sectors;
  • To provide conference support for CS research and dissemination;
  • To provide postgraduate open educational resources across Europe for masters & PhD courses by defining a core curriculum and delivering a European PhD in Complex Systems;
  • To provide high quality web-based information services and tools for the CS community.
  • To maintain a Living Roadmap of complex systems science and use it to lobby for funds at National and International levels.

The ASSYST Coordination Action is part of the European COS-ICT programme that includes four important European research projects (Cybermotions, Epiwork, Qlectives and Socionical), which started at the beginning of 2009. These projects will be described in future editions of our newsletter.

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Research Professor. Founder Director at Learning Change Project - Research on society, culture, art, neuroscience, cognition, critical thinking, intelligence, creativity, autopoiesis, self-organization, rhizomes, complexity, systems, networks, leadership, sustainability, thinkers, futures ++
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