The Origins of Society

Protohominid females became women by relating to males in a completely new way. As the males of our species began hunting to obtain meat food, an initial problem for females was to obtain an adequate share of such meat. There was little in the genetic make‐up of males to make them bring back their game instead of eating it themselves in the bush. Although there was nothing to stop females from hunting for themselves, responsibilities for offspring tended to immobilise them, rendering them less free to hunt than were their sexual partners.

Human females solved the problem by refusing sex to all males except those who came home to them with their kills. This strategy required and generated inter‐female solidarity. When a female was refusing sex to a “lazy” male partner and was determined to make him hunt, she had to prevent him from finding sex elsewhere. She had to organise other females to join her in refusing sex, keeping up the boycott of this male unless or until he went off and brought back some meat.



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