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Fox in the Schoolhouse: Rupert Murdoch Wants to Teach Your Kids!

Read Rupert Murdoch‘s reputation precedes him—but one thing he’s not well known for is his education reform advocacy. But that could soon change. Next month, Murdoch will make an unusual public appearance in San Francisco, delivering the keynote address at … Continue reading

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In For Questioning

Read Is it OK with you that faculty are not required to know anything about teaching? Do you think the government and institutions are meeting their responsibilities to the public by not requiring faculty to know how to teach? Do … Continue reading

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The Interrogative Mood

This book poses question after question – mad, peculiar, and often very thought-provoking. Unlikely though it sounds, it’s a work of real charm. Might I ask you a question? How do you feel when the prose that you are reading … Continue reading

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The University of Open

Read Over the past two years I’ve been noticing a lot of commentary, articles, and conversation lamenting how out of step traditional institutions are with contemporary students and forecasting the demise of the university. Here are a few examples: End … Continue reading

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Political Perceptions of Scientists

Almost universally, studies find that scientists believe the public is inadequately informed about science topics, including food risks, genetic modification, chemicals, and even aquaculture. Further, scientists believe that, except for a small minority, the public is uninterested in becoming more … Continue reading

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Education with a Complex Adaptive System Perspective

Read View also a Video The traditional approach to learning—one focused primarily on formal education—is inadequately preparing the future workforce for competitiveness-critical occupations. A new approach—one that encourages formal education and practical application supports lifelong learning and offers potential to … Continue reading

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Innovations – Cheap, Maybe Even Free, Higher Education

Read Too often the higher-education leadership establishment gets furious when outsiders offer observations about the way they do business. The way to low-cost higher education, then, lies largely outside the current establishment. We need new approaches, utilizing new technologies. American … Continue reading

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