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Noam Chomsky – Occupy the World

In a speech to Occupy Boston, the linguist and icon hailed the “unprecedented” first weeks of OWS. He cautioned protesters to build and educate first, strike later. The Occupy movement really is an exciting development. In fact, it’s spectacular. It’s … Continue reading

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Scientists of the Subprime

Could an understanding of biology have prevented the credit crunch? The complex world of banking evolved – and profited – thanks to the work of analytically gifted maths and science graduates. But when the crash came, something new was needed. … Continue reading

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The Shadow Superpower

In many countries — particularly in the developing world — System D is growing faster than any other part of the economy, and it is an increasing force in world trade. But even in developed countries, after the financial crisis … Continue reading

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Citation Obsession? Get Over It!

Citation style remains the most arbitrary, formulaic, and prescriptive element of academic writing taught in American high schools and colleges. Now a sacred academic shibboleth, citation persists despite the incredibly high cost-benefit ratio of trying to teach students something they … Continue reading

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Just Don’t Go, the Sequel?

This brings me to my second point, the massive increase in student debt, triggered in a large part by the fact that college tuition continues to rise at a rate much higher than the cost of living. According to CNN, … Continue reading

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Why Are Some Academics in Conversation an Interrupter

In conversation, I am what is known as an interrupter. I know it’s an annoying habit; I also know it’s one I share with a lot of academics. What I tell myself is that I interrupt people—friends, colleagues, students—when they … Continue reading

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