The Banker and the Protesters: A Meeting of Minds on Germany’s ‘Occupy’ Movement

The “Occupy” movement has garnered support from all parts of the world, including Germany, where protestors have set up camp in front of the European Central Bank in Frankfurt. A dialogue with Axel Fialka and Alexander Sack from the Movement, and Martin Blessing Commerzbank CEO.

The “Occupy” movement began in earnest in New York, where a group of activists formed under the name ” Occupy Wall Street” in mid-September to protest against the sheer power of the financial markets. Since then it has grown to become a global movement, with tens of thousands of participants gathering each week for protests, including several thousand in Frankfurt, the center of “Occupy Germany” activities. Occupy supporters in the German financial center have taken over a small park located directly in front of the European Central Bank (ECB).


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