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Arab filmmakers celebrate the absence of fear

In his film, Mourad Ben Cheikh interviews a number of courageous activists, lawyers, journalists and bloggers who refused to yield to the terror. He juxtaposes the interviews with footage of the heady days of January when Tunisians took to the … Continue reading

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Pozible – Crowdfunding Creativity

Pozible is a crowdfunding platform and community for creative projects and ideas. Developed for artists, musicians, filmmakers, journalists, designers, entrepreneurs, inventors, event organisers, software developers and all creative minded people to help make great things possible. Inspired by crowdsourcing, crowdfunding … Continue reading

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What Occupy Wall Street got right

The Occupy Wall Street movement has generated a slew of questions from those outside the occupying ranks: Who are these people? What do they really want? Which city will be next? How will our public officials respond? And as the … Continue reading

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Can ecosystems show how to fix the euro?

The eurozone, like the rest of the world economy, is a complex networked system. That gives it properties economists rarely consider but which could help us understand the current crisis. Complex networks have many interconnected components which influence each other’s … Continue reading

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How To Run a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

Looking for advice on how to run a successful crowdfunding campaign? This article lays out some of the most important considerations you’ll need to take into account if you want to build your crowd, get them engaged, and drive them … Continue reading

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