Deleuze, Education and Becoming

Book – This wonderful, highly readable book breaks new ground in revealing commonalities between Gilles Deleuze’s nomadic method of inquiry and the pragmatic method of John Dewey. It should be of great interest to both philosophers and educators. Nel Noddings, Stanford University, author of Happiness and Education. . . few have placed the thinking of Dewey into effective dialogue with other forms of philosophy. This is particularly the case regarding contemporary European philosophy. Inna Semetsky’s exciting new book bridges this gap for the first time by putting the brilliant poststructuralist work of Gilles Deleuze into critical and creative dialogue with that of Dewey. The publication of this work announces the appearance of a remarkable line of thinking that scholars around the world will soon come to appreciate. Jim Garrison, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, author of Dewey and Eros . . . In this subtle and graceful study, Inna Semetsky brings together cultural and philosophical traditions long in need of connection. This is a significant and powerful work that is sure to invigorate discussions of educational theory for years to come. 


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