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Network design

For interaction, the challenge is engagement. Widening the circle of involvement means expanding who gets to participate. It is about inviting and including relevant, new and different voices. The measure is built on the social graph: how many of your … Continue reading

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Markets, networks and management

The perspective of network science views knowledge as socially created and socially re-created not as stuff of the mind that can be shared and stored by individuals. Knowing is a process of relating. From the network-based, relational perspective knowing is … Continue reading

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Essential Skills Kids Should Learn

We have never been good at predicting the future, and so raising and educating our kids as if we have any idea what the future will hold is not the smartest notion. How then to prepare our kids for a … Continue reading

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Indigenous Leadership in a Westernized World

The world needs leaders, not politicians. Live Indigenously, Live Consciously, and allow passion to flow with tears when it needs to. I feel that leadership is something that cannot be developed or taught.   Leadership can be mentored but not from … Continue reading

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Decolonizing Indigenous Communities

As Indigenous people we have heard the many half-truths from the federal government and know about the areas of need within our respective reservations on a local and regional basis. We know what we need, and where we lack in … Continue reading

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