A Playful Path

Playfulness isn’t an achievement, it’s a gift. And that gift comes to those who choose to receive it. Even though I rigorously claim that “playful path is the shortest road to happiness,” it often happens that we don’t choose to be playful. We could, but we don’t. Maybe we’re not happy enough. Maybe some perverse part of ourselves is having more fun being miserable. But even the best of us, even the most professionally playful of us, forget to be playful. And even though we have the choice, and we know we have the choice, we simply can’t get ourselves to play. We can’t act playfully, or feel playful or be playful. This book serves as a reminder, as a guide, as a tool to help you find your own playful path, to help you help others find theirs. It’s designed so that you can read it from cover to cover, or just open it anywhere, just to see what comes up, just for the fun of it. Bernard DeKoven has been exploring playfulness for more than 45 years. His book, The Well-Played Game, originally served to help guide people who had discover the power of play through the New Games Foundation. Today it serves designers of videogames who also want to share the power of play through their new games and new visions of playfulness. There’s much more on his website – deepfun.com.


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