Global Brain and the Future of Human Society

In this article, I tried to introduce the reader to the idea of Global Brain and a potential global brain social landscape. This landscape will be much different. The global brain will have common elements globally: hyper-abundance and hyper-connectivity. The difference between our current system and the global brain is as large as the difference between the world pre-Industrial Revolution and today.  Most importantly, I have tried to combine the theory of challenge propagation (i.e., suggesting that global brain activity will be distributed and self-organizing) with evolutionary theory and the theory of human metasystem transitions (which suggests the next transition will be fundamentally caused by a new energy source, and will occur very fast and diffuse globally before mid-century). I think a grounded attempt to understand the future of society is imperative in a world that is global and exponential, as opposed to local and linear. This is my attempt. I invite discussion, as well as critical and constructive feedback. The more decentralized the discussion, the more effectively we will all be able to work out what social life will be like in the 21st century.


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