Organizing through Empathy

This book challenges the existing paradigm of capitalism by providing scientific evidence and empirical data that empathy is the most important organizing mechanism. The book is unique in that it provides a comprehensive review of the transformational qualities of empathy in personal, organizational and local contexts. Integrating an understanding based upon scientific studies of why the fields of positive psychology and organizational scholarship are important, it examines the evidence from neuroscience and presents leading-edge studies from quantum physics with implications for the organizational field. Together the chapters in this book attempt to demonstrate how empathy helps in the reduction of human suffering and the creation of a more just society.

Not a trend, imply co-editors Kathryn Pavlovich and Keiko Krahnke. Challenging the 120-year-old capitalist management principles of profit and efficiency, they claim that “Empathy is the most important organizing mechanism … helps in the reduction of human suffering and the creation of a more just society”.


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