Humans, Brains, and their Environment: Marriage between Neuroscience and Anthropology?

How do we define ourselves as humans and interact with our various environments? Recently, neuroscience has extended into other disciplines in the humanities and social sciences, questioning the existence of distinct disciplines like anthropology, which describes the relationship between humans and their various environments. However, rather than being incorporated into neuroscience, anthropology may be considered complementary, and a marriage of the two disciplines can provide deep insight into these fundamental questions.

The marriage of anthropology and neuroscience is a wonderful opportunity to gain deeper insight into the nature of man and his various environments. A truly transdisciplinary, and thus hybrid, methodology will promote and foster the interaction between neuroscience and anthropology by revealing common themes. This will ultimately allow us to complement the anthropological search warrant for the self in the brain with the neuroscientific search warrant for the brain in our various environments.


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