Social Information and Self -Organisation

The  re-creation  of  society  involves  the  bottom-up-emergence  of  social information  and the  top-down-emergence  of  individual information.  Social  self-organisation  in  a  broad sense  refers  to  the  re-creation of  society,  in a narrower  sense  it takes  aspects  of  participation  in  the processes of constituting social information into account.

The  whole  social  system  encompasses  three  cycles  of self-organisation  which  result in  the emergence  of social information on an economic, a political as well as  a cultural level.  On  the  one  hand,  economical information  influences  the emergence  of  political  and cultural  information  and  political information  influences  the emergence  of  cultural information  in  processes  of  bottom-up-emergence.  On  the  other  hand, cultural information  influences  the emergence  of  political and economical  information and  political information  influences  the emergence  of  economical information  in processes of  top-down-emergence. Nonetheless,  economics  and  economical  information  form  the base of each  type of society. They dominate, but never determine  the  various social  processes  and  the  formation and differentiation of social information.


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