Systemic Instruments for Regional Development

This paper is the English Summary of the report “Systemische Instrumente für die Regionalentwicklung”. The research project was induced by the following considerations:

  1. Regions” – or more precisely: the actors of regional development and addressees of regional policies and their interrelationships – can be described as social systems.
  2. Social systems are based on communication.
  3. Regional development therefore cannot be influenced without modifying communication with and within the relevant social systems.
  4. To make interventions in social systems more effective new communication techniques have been developed during the last decades.
  5. Regional policies could (and should) make use of such systemic” techniques, if appropriate.

The aims of this project therefore are:

  • To give an overview of instruments particularly suitable for working with / in social systems;
  • To assess their relevance and applicability for regional development work;
  • To present and describe the instruments in a concise and well-structured manner;
  • To provide useful background information to facilitate their application.


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