Impact of Globalization on Youth Cultural Identity

There is a long debate about globalization and its effects. Globalization is an increased, quantitatively and qualitatively, numbers of global flows improve or deteriorate people’s everyday lives. The present study investigates the impact of Globalization on youth cultural practices and preferences in daily life. A descriptive method of research is used to gather information. The universe of this research comprised the male and female students from different departments of the university of Sargodha. The total sample of this study comprises 150 youth male and female students aged 18 to 29 years from 23 departments of the university of Sargodha through stratified sampling method. The study employed descriptive statistics to summarize and describe the data whereas inferential statistics such as Chi-square and Gamma test were used to examine the relationship between predictors and response variables.The hypothesis “Gender is associated with the difference in perception about impact of globalization” is accepted. The hypothesis “Higher the adoption of western patterns, more will be the impact of globalization” is accepted.


About Giorgio Bertini

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