Freireian Pedagogy, Praxis, and Possibilities

Within Freire’s system of pedagogy, an individual’s ontological vocation is to be a subject who acts upon, and transforms, the world in order to become more fully human. This praxis, reflection and action, moves the individual towards ever new possibilities of a fuller and richer life through initial subjective reflection and the resulting rational and objective action. Critical pedagogy leaves no possibility of a neutral educational process. Education becomes either an instrument to help learners deal critically and creatively with reality in order to transform it through participatory action or an instrument to integrate learners into the present system by means of conformity. The result of the liberatory process will always be subjects who know and act. The result of the oppressive process will always be objects who are known and are acted upon. Freire defines any act that limits human potential as oppressive and dehumanizing.


About Giorgio Bertini

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