On recalling Actor-network Theory

Bruno Latour . The paper explores one after the other the four difficulties of actor-network theory, that is the words ‘actor’, ‘network’ and ‘theory’—without forgetting the hyphen. It tries to refocus the originality of what is more a method to deploy the actor’s own world building activities than an alternative social theory. Finally, it sketches some of its remaining potential. I will start by saying that there are four things that do not work with actor-network theory; the word actor, the word network, the word theory and the hyphen! Four nails in the coffin. Yes, I think there is life after ANT. Once we have strongly pushed a stake into the heart of the creature safely buried in its coffin—thus abandoning what is so wrong with ANT, that is ‘actor’, ‘network’, ‘theory’ without forgetting the hyphen!—some other creature might emerge, light and beautiful: our future collective achievement.


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