Nothing is Written – Learning is an Adventure

Life is unruly and unpredictable – our best approach is to remain open, curious and flexible. Rather than giving people reassuring “right answers” we may do better to model experimentation, curiosity and openness. We think it’s possible to create more engaging training that plays to human strengths and avoids many of the cliches found in training rooms worldwide. In learning, maintaining a sense of care and attention may be the most powerful thing we can do. Passing on fixed ideas and knowledge is secondary. Fresh experiences beat old explanations. By avoiding the trappings of expertise, the trainer is more vulnerable but creates more power and agency for those learning. There is nothing like the connection people can make by experimenting and discovering together. Be part of the adventure, not just the narrator. The value in training is to open up people to possibilities. It is the responsibility of the learner to pursue those possibilities. Being incomplete can keep people engaged. Many challenges need to be explored in three dimensions, not in analysis. Explore what’s possible through action and experiment. Playful learning helps us to try out new versions of ourselves, bypassing some of the stories our minds invent about us.


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