Emergence, Causality, Self-Organisation

Emergence and self-organisation are  the  two main concepts  that  this book and  the research project “Human Strategies in Complexity”  focus on. Aspects of emergence are: Synergism: Emergence  is due  to  the productive  interaction between entities. Synergies between  interacting  entities  are  the  cause of  the evolution and persistence of emergent systems. Novelty:  On  a  systemic  level  different from  the  level  of  the  synergetically interacting entities new qualities show up. Emergent qualities are qualities that have  not  been  previously  observed  and  have  not  previously  existed  in  a complex system. Irreducebility: The new produced qualities are not reduceable  to or derivable from the level of the producing, interacting entities. Unpredictability: The form of the emergent result and the point of emergence can´t be fully predicted. Coherence/Correlation: Complex systems with emergent qualities have some coherent  behaviour  for  a  certain  period  of  time.  This coherence spans and correlates  the  level of  the producing entities  into a unity on the level of emergence. Historicity:  Emergent  qualities  are  not  pre-given,  but  the  result  of  the dynamical development of complex systems.


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