Countering Neoliberalism: A Pedagogy of the Heart from a Finnish Higher Learning Perspective

Finnish education and schooling have embraced the neoliberal model of education. No longer is the education system focused on social justice and social equality; rather, Finnish education and schooling have been remarketed into a more individualist mode of learning and schooling. This has especially happened in Finnish higher learning, as students are encouraged to quickly graduate through the rapid accumulation of credits. Learning that used to have an emphasis on the collective good is now seen as a model for work preparation as students are prepped as human capital for future employment. After introducing the neoliberal influence, this paper will offer a new perspective for Finnish higher education and schooling by presenting a pedagogy of the heart for consideration as a counter to the neoliberal model.


About Giorgio Bertini

Research Professor. Founder Director at Learning Change Project - Research on society, culture, art, neuroscience, cognition, critical thinking, intelligence, creativity, autopoiesis, self-organization, rhizomes, complexity, systems, networks, leadership, sustainability, thinkers, futures ++
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