What Drives Children’s Creativity?

Pens vs. paintbrushes. Compelling words vs vivid strokes. What underlies creativity for writers? For artists? Are there commonalities? How can parents and teachers nurture children’s creative expression? Here’s a candid dialogue between author Joanne Foster, and artist Rina Gottesman.

A writer stares at an empty page or stark keyboard. An artist gazes at a blank canvas, or perhaps a piece of marble or clay. The tools they use to communicate may differ but they both begin with a desire to convey ideas, feelings, and experiences. Rina Gottesman is an acclaimed, award-winning artist. She creates gloriously colorful abstract paintings. I asked her to think about the following question: What’s the best way to spur children’s creative expression? Rina responded thoughtfully, and with considerable detail. She focused on many different points. Here is a glimpse into our conversation.


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