Dialogue and Systems Intelligence – A Work Philosophy

The article discusses dialogue as a way to enhance Systems Intelligence. A core idea of dialogue is to enhance human systems, be that, an organization, a team, or a family to recollect, create and strengthen its fundamental values. The article present dialogue not only as a way for effective systemic intervention but as work philosophy to be internalized in organizational culture. The examples relate to work-life at all levels of organizations. Leaders, employees, and teams can all benefit from a dialogical work philosophy.

In this article, I present dialogue as a way to enhance systems intelligence. I use the word dialogue as referring to a) a method to enrich and improve human encounters by increasing creativity, commitment, energy, and motivation; b) a personal philosophy and attitude to engage with other human beings. The view presented combines different dialogue methods with a philosophy of dialogue. Most dialogue methods have been developed as tools for educators, consultants, practitioners and leaders to aid and manage human systems. Generally, dialogue interventions are used as parts of change programs, training, and conflict resolution. Dialogue sessions are thus separated from daily work processes and routines. Such interventions aim to gather information on a specific topic, create shared vision, solve conflict and build trust. Also, these interventions are means to train dialogical skills, for example, skillful listening, inquiry, thinking together and consensus building that can be used in concrete working situations.


About Giorgio Bertini

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