Analysis of Complex Networks: From Biology to Linguistics

This book, Analysis of Complex Networks: From Biology to Linguistics, presents theoretical and practical results on graph-theoretic methods that are used for modeling as well as structurally investigating complex networks. Instead of focusing exclusively on classical graph-theoretic approaches, its major goal is to demonstrate the importance and usefulness of network-based concepts for scientists in various disciplines. Further, the book advocates the idea that theoretical as well as applied results are needed to enhance our knowledge and understanding of networks in general and as representations for various problems. We emphasize methods for analyzing graphs structurally because it has been shown that especially data-driven areas such as web mining, computational and systems biology, chemical informatics, and cognitive sciences profit tremendously from this field. Mathematical problems such as graph theory problems are of increasing importance for the analysis of modelling data in biomedical research such as in systems biology, neuronal network modelling etc. This book follows a new approach of including graph theory from a mathematical perspective with specific applications of graph theory in biomedical and computational sciences. The book is written by renowned experts in the field and offers valuable background information for a wide audience.


About Giorgio Bertini

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