Living with an Open Heart creates Hope

“… really deep, lasting happiness is about connecting with people: being kind to people and being of service to people.” … there is an ever-growing body of science showing that you’re both happier and healthier when you practice generosity and gratitude with intention … caring and connecting is at the core of being human. We are hard-wired for kindness and compassion. Doty firmly believes that practicing kindness and compassion without dogma allows us to look at each other eye-to-eye as equals. He is a veritable evangelist of this belief, both preaching and living the example of walking on this earth with an open heart. Trying to live in this way has become his proudest achievement. In his book, he writes that mental training is the tool to open your heart for meaningful relationships; to give yourself positive affirmation, kindness, and compassion; and to reframe the events in your life in order to practice equanimity. Doty speaks about all this with great enthusiasm, giving multiple examples and emphatically gesticulating with his large hands. He is also surprisingly comfortable with showing his emotions; his voice cracks and he holds back tears while turning red and clearing his throat.


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