How Teachers Succeed

What are the fundamentals of pedagogic success? The essence is contained in three strategic concepts. The first is commonly referred to as “motivation.” Without it a class stagnates. After all, how long will you watch a movie that does nothing to capture your attention? Or read a novel that begins with a situation of no interest? The slower the start, the more difficult to generate enthusiasm. At best, the audience allows you a few minutes without much action. The same with teaching. Every student making an effort to learn should have the opportunity to do so. That aim can be achieved, however, only if material is presented in an effective order.  Even a well-organized presentation, though, will be unsuccessful if the material is not presented with clarity. In sum, a successful teacher provides motivation, organization, and clarity. If students aren’t motivated, don’t see how matters hang together, or are confused by the presentation, then regardless of what the teacher may believe, the quality of the instruction has fallen short.


About Giorgio Bertini

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