The Value of Establishing a Culture of Thinking in the Classroom

If “children grow into the intellectual life around them” (see L.S. Vygostky’s Mind in Society), then what kind of intellectual life are we providing to the students in our classrooms and schools? Teachers all over the world have had to accept the compromise of focusing more on delivering prescribed curriculum than developing understanding – test-taking rather than learning. This, among other reasons, is why strategies focused on ingraining cultures of thinking have been such game changers in many of today’s classrooms.

One good example of this that I’ve worked with is the Cultures of Thinking Project, led by Ron Ritchhart as part of Harvard’s Project Zero. The Cultures of Thinking Project focuses on two main ways of moving towards cultures of thinking: the eight cultural forces that act on a classroom, and documentation. Curious as to what that means? Continue reading for more.


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