Playing with your Children: Should You, and If So, How?

If you Google around the Internet with such search phrase as “playing with children,” you will find lots of experts telling you how important parent-child play is for both parties. They describe it as a way for you to bond with and get to know your child, a way to have fun and get healthy exercise with your child, and a way for you to help your child learn new skills. You will also, however, find posts by parents, mostly mothers, who confess that they play with their children because they feel guilted into it and that, truth be told, they hate playing with them.

Many of those who are brave enough to admit that they hate to play with their children (or at least that they sometimes don’t like it) have learned from the experts that they aren’t supposed to dominate the play and should allow the child to take the lead. But they go too far with this idea.


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