The Biological Scars of Separation

“Cruelty is surely the very worst of human sins. To fight cruelty, in any shape or form – whether it be towards other human beings or non-human beings – brings us into direct conflict with that unfortunate streak of inhumanity that lurks in all of us.” – Jane Goodall (2010: 306)

On May 13, a 39-year old Honduran father named Marco Antonio Muñoz was found dead on the floor of a padded cell in a Texas jail. Muñoz reportedly “lost it” the previous day after U.S. Border Patrol agents apprehended his family and physically removed his 3-year old son from his arms, leading agents to place him in isolation. The details of the tragic suicide are gruesome and indicate that having his son taken from him was the final straw for Muñoz, whose family had undergone tremendous stress prior to crossing the border. A Honduran consul revealed that one of their family members had been killed, leading them to decide to flee and seek asylum in the United States. They did not find the relief they sought.


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