How to Make a Decision Without Making a Decision

When I first saw a decision being made without any decision-making I was trapped with hundreds of my fellow community members in a fertilizer factory in Western Colorado. The place stank like anything, and it was stifling hot. The towering sheet-metal roof was bellowing with thousands of gallons of water smashing down on it from an unstoppable herd of thunderclouds charging by thousands of feet above us. Jostling together in our sopping rain gear, we were not happy campers.

You may have guessed that this was not your usual intentional community. We were 400 people from all walks of life trying to live together in a tent city that moved 15 miles down the road every day or two. We joked that our lives were “in-tents”. We were the 1986 cross-country Great Peace March for Global Nuclear Disarmament and we were getting ready to fall apart. (We’d already fallen apart once in the California desert when our sponsoring organization, Pro-Peace, went bankrupt and stranded all 1200 of us. 800 of us went home. The 400 of us trapped in the fertilizer factory were the ones who’d finally gotten rolling again after two weeks holed up on a Barstow MX track back in March looking for new support and leadership. But that’s a whole ‘another story!)


About Giorgio Bertini

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