How to scale up conversations to embrace millions

The powerful things we can do with conversation hold tantalizing promise for a better world if we can just find ways to involve and impact whole communities, countries, and global networks. Luckily, there is growing knowledge about how to do this without losing salience, quality and potency. But most of what we know about this is embedded in specific programs, methodologies and ideological frames of reference. It has not been brought together and openly explored.

In this essay, I try to offer perspectives and design principles that can be applied across many diverse approaches to scaling up conversational power. I want to stress that I intend this material as a stimulant for further dialogue and expanding understanding in the field of powerful conversations for the common good. It is only a beginning, but the inquiry itself is vitally important.


About Giorgio Bertini

Research Professor. Founder Director at Learning Change Project - Research on society, culture, art, neuroscience, cognition, critical thinking, intelligence, creativity, autopoiesis, self-organization, rhizomes, complexity, systems, networks, leadership, sustainability, thinkers, futures ++
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