Collaborative knowledge sharing strategy to enhance organizational learning

The sustainability of any industry is closely linked to the manpower talent made available by the academic institutions. Therefore in order to service the needs of the industry in tune with rapidly changing trends, academic institutions have to implement innovative learning systems and be able to match up to the expectations of the industry for knowledge support. Collaborative knowledge sharing links the learning and knowledge processes to enhance organizational learning. The knowledge grows more with communication, sharing of ideas and transfer of knowledge through face‐to‐face communication, discussions, faculty development programs, industry‐institute interactions. Academic institutions should align their human resource strategies, practices, and processes in such a way that collaborative knowledge sharing becomes a part of the work culture and overcome the barriers to knowledge sharing. There is a need to develop systems that can recognize and reward the efforts of employees who share their knowledge. This can empower a collaborative knowledge sharing culture in an academic institute.


About Giorgio Bertini

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