Critical Reflection as Motivational Strategy of Learning Critical Reading

The study investigated the effect of critical reflection exerted on students’ motivation for learning EFL critical reading. In this respect, the present study conducted a quasi-experimental research design. 32 participants were involved in the control group while 31 were in the experimental one. According to the pre-intervention questionnaire results by using independent samples T-test test of data analysis, participants of the control and the experimental groups were almost homogeneously motivated while learning critical reading although random assignment was not possible. In similar with the pre-intervention questionnaire, 30 questions were also asked to participants (control and experimental groups) as a post-intervention questionnaire to evaluate to what extent participants improved their motivation of learning EFL critical reading after practicing critical reflection. The post-intervention questionnaire results proved that critical reflection has the effect in enhancing students’ motivation of learning EFL critical reading regarding independent samples T-test test of data analysis.


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