Dialogic Practice in Primary Schools: to embed Philosophy for Children

The Philosophy for Children in Schools Project is an ongoing research project to explore the impact of philosophy for children (P4C) on classroom practice. this paper responds to the responses of headteachers, teachers and local educational authority (LA) officers in South Wales, UK, to the initial training program in P4C carried out by the University School of Education. Achieving change in schools through the embedding of new practices is an important challenge for the headteacher.s Interviews and qualitative questionnaires were used to explore perceptions of and attitudes towards the dialogic practice of P4C and the related challenge for school leaders. The results provide an insight into how headteachers planned to embed the new practice of P4C in their schools. Results from the interviews and questionnaires have been subject to iterative analysis and categories derived under which to discuss the findings. There are many similarities in the ways in which different headteachers go about planning a change in their schools as well as differences. The results provide insight into the role of initial continuing professional development (CPD) in school development and the processes by which individual heads plan to embed change in practice across the whole school.


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