Interventions to reduce excessive mobile device usage among adolescents: A systematic review

Excessive mobile device usage has been linked to poor sleep quality and quantity and impaired mental health among adolescents. In light of these findings, a systematic review was conducted to determine the most effective interventions to reduce excessive mobile device usage.

After a comprehensive search of academic databases, five studies were found to meet this review’s inclusion and exclusion criteria. These studies were then evaluated for methodological quality, methodological relevance, and relevance to the current research question.

This systematic review found compelling evidence for the effectiveness of application-based interventions for excessive mobile device use. However, to date, the evidence for the effectiveness of therapeutic interventions appears weak.

Application-based interventions leveraged the need for social validation and the powerful reinforcement of notifications to encourage mobile device use-limiting behaviors. The implications of the findings are discussed and directions for future research are provided. The findings of this review have limited generalizability until further research is conducted outside of the South Korean context.


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