‘Students Are Lonely:’ What Happens When Coronavirus Forces Schools Online

‘Students Are Lonely’

In addition to their remote jobs, the Shawvers also spend their days caring for their two young children. They say that has given them a unique perspective about the demands placed on other parents in a similar position. “Parents can be forgotten in all of this because their kids are home now and they’re having to be like the lead teacher or tutor for their kids,” says Lee Shawver. “It’s just turning families upside down.” Recently, the Shawvers’ school in Qingdao began a program called Mindfulness Mondays, where students complete writing reflections on a weekly theme—this week it’s superheroes—with podcasts and activities for parents and teachers as well. “We’re trying to think of ways to build community through this,” Robin Shawver says. “Just so people can kind of lighten the load of both the work and the anxiety that everybody’s feeling.”


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