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Three types of knowledge

When addressing societal challenges, how can researchers orient their thinking to produce not only knowledge on problems, but also knowledge that helps to overcome those problems? The concept of ‘three types of knowledge’ is helpful for structuring project goals, formulating … Continue reading

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The toxic legacy of parent shaming – and the damage it does to children

Shaming parents for the way they are bringing up their children is nothing new. Parent shaming and blaming has long been a recurring theme in expert narratives on child-rearing. In the 19th century, parents were frequently accused of lacking the … Continue reading

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The Science of Empathy

Empathy plays a critical interpersonal and societal role, enabling sharing of experiences, needs, and desires between individuals and providing an emotional bridge that promotes pro-social behavior. This capacity requires an exquisite interplay of neural networks and enables us to perceive … Continue reading

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Empathy is the mother of invention: Emotion and cognition for creativity in the classroom

According to the age-old proverb from Plato’s Republic: necessity is the mother of invention, the main motivation for creating new discoveries is the need for them. However, as well as the necessity factor, we argue that a very important aspect … Continue reading

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El Virus de la Desigualdad: Cómo recomponer un mundo devastado por el coronavirus

La pandemia de coronavirus tiene el potencial de agravar la desigualdad en prácticamente todos los países del mundo al mismo tiempo, una situación sin precedentes desde que existen registros. El virus ha puesto al descubierto y ha exacerbado las desigualdades … Continue reading

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Human Rights, Autopoiesis, Global Peace and Social Harmony

The article attempts to fill the fundamental shortcoming and limitation of the UniversalDeclaration of Human Rights with regard to the factual lacks in it the determininghuman right to life. This task is realized on the basis of three fundamental discoveries: … Continue reading

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On what it means to “learn from the future as it emerges

Facing our complex (global) challenges in a rapidly changing, unpredictable, and uncertain world begs the question of how we can bring about innovations that have a reasonable and sustainable purpose and that shape and lead to thriving and novel futures. … Continue reading

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The Role of Mindful Parenting in Individual and Social Decision-Making in Children

Children are confronted with an increasing amount of choices every day, which can be stressful. Decision-making skills may be one of the most important “21st century skills” that children need to master to ensure success. Many aspects of decision-making, such … Continue reading

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Fairness informs social decision making in infancy

The ability to reason about fairness plays a defining role in the development of morality. Thus, researchers have long been interested in understanding when and how a sensitivity to fairness first develops. Here, we examined infants’ ability to use fairness … Continue reading

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Decision-Making Processes in Social Contexts

Over the past half-century, scholars in the interdisciplinary field of Judgment and Decision Making have amassed a trove of findings, theories, and prescriptions regarding the processes ordinary people enact when making choices. But this body of knowledge has had little … Continue reading

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