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Collective Impact: Equity, Community and Network Thinking

In a session called “How to Advance Equity through Collective Impact,” Sheri Brady of the Aspen Forum for Community Solutions facilitated presentation and conversation among panelists Joanna Scott from the Race Matters Institute, Richard Crews from Thriving Together, and Juan … Continue reading

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How the Self-Esteem Myth Has Damaged Society and Us

Clay Routledge: What made you interested in researching and writing a book focused on the self? Will Storr: My previous book, The Unpersuadable, was an investigation into how intelligent people come to believe crazy things. It focused on the ways … Continue reading

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Power in Networks

They say the golden rule in Real Estate is: Location, Location, Location. Might this rule also hold in social networks? In real estate, location is determined by geography – your physical location. In social networks, location is determined by your connections and the connections of … Continue reading

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Networks of Knowledge: How to Find Them, and Utilize Them

Science is not a solitary pursuit. The more complex and distributed knowledge becomes, the more we need others to help us make sense of it. The greater the volume of information, the more we need others to point us toward what … Continue reading

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Networks and Wirearchy

No one doubts that better management of data, information, and knowledge within the firm will lead to improved innovation and competitive advantage. Everyone agrees on the goal – better utilization of internal and external knowledge. It is the approach to this goal that is hotly … Continue reading

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Age against the machine: the secret to enjoying a long life

The conclusion Honoré came to, after three years of research and an examination of the way older people are treated around the world, was that it was in many ways a golden age for “the old” (a term he would … Continue reading

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Bullying alters brain structure, raises risk of mental health problems

One study revealed that childhood bullying has effects on health, and it can lead to significant costs for individuals, their families, and society at large. New research now suggests that bullying may cause physical changes in the brain and increase the … Continue reading

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Artificial sweeteners make ‘no difference’ to health

Non-sugar sweeteners have been at the center of a fierce debate for decades. Do they benefit health or increase risks? A recent study fans the flames once more, claiming that there is little evidence of benefits or harms. Read Read … Continue reading

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Evolution and the Human Mind: Modularity, Language and Meta-Cognition

This book is the end result of an interdisciplinary project organized by the University of Sheffield. They selected a distinguished group of scientists and philosophers and brought them together for a series of workshops and a final conference. The intention … Continue reading

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Just one sleepless night can tell your body to start storing fat

Sleep is one of those physiological necessities that continues to puzzle researchers. But a new study illuminates how missing one single night of sleep can initiate a series of physiological changes, and not necessarily for the better. If you have ever … Continue reading

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