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Physical activity and academic achievement in children: A historical perspective

As the focus on academic achievement has increased, physical activity (PA) opportunities in schools have decreased. In an attempt to discover how the decline in PA may affect academic achievement, researchers have been studying the effects of PA on cognition … Continue reading

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Adolescents- Relationships among physical activity, sleep duration, diet, and academic achievement

This study supports the link between daily physical activity, diet, and academic achievement in a sample of adolescents. This relationship is independent of sex, age, BMI percentile, and race/ethnicity. Additionally, meeting criteria on multiple health behaviors seem to have a … Continue reading

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Mend the Gap Between Rich and Poor in School Achievement

Our compulsory public school system is supposed to be “the great equalizer.” By providing the same schooling to everyone, it is supposed to promote equal opportunities for young people regardless of their socioeconomic background. In fact, however, the system has … Continue reading

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How Friendship Networks at College impact students’ academic and social success

Student friendships at college should not be underestimated, as they can either help or hinder students academically and socially, according to a Dartmouth study “Friends with Academic Benefits,” published in the current issue of Contexts. The article by Janice McCabe, … Continue reading

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The Widening Academic Achievement Gap Between the Rich and the Poor

In this chapter I examine whether and how the relationship between family socioeconomic characteristics and academic achievement has changed during the last fifty years. In particular, I investigate the extent to which the rising income inequality of the last four … Continue reading

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