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A Universidade onde o Fazer é o mais importante

Primeiro o fazer, depois o aprender. Essa é a base da cultura e da filosofia da universidade Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering, em Massachusetts, nos Estados Unidos. Lá os estudantes primeiro praticam e testam ideias para depois terem aulas … Continue reading

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Developing an alternative epistemology of practice – Teachers’ action research as critical pedagogy

Engaging in action research pedagogy requires teaching not only about the subject matter but also encouraging ongoing individual and collective self-reflection, dissent, and community. This sort of pedagogy guides students toward discovering knowledge through their own engagement, setting an example … Continue reading

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A new change model – Factors for initiating and implementing personal action learning

This paper embraces new ways of thinking about learning, knowledge, action and change to suggest a personal action learning change model. A set of factors is described through which an individual can initiate and implement personal change from the inside … Continue reading

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Change at hand: Web 2.0 for Development

Read This special issue has been copublished by the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED) and the Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation EU-ACP (CTA).  There are dozens of emerging interactive web services and applications, sometimes referred to … Continue reading

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Experiencias y Metodología de la Investigación Participativa

Read El potencial de la investigación participativa apunta a la producción de conocimiento, articulando de manera crítica los aportes de la ciencia y del saber popular, con el fin de reorientarlos hacia la acción transformadora de la realidad. A través … Continue reading

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Participatory Action and Learning – A Field Worker’s Guidebook

Read The Guidebook introduces Participatory Action and Learning (PAL) as a way of addressing a number of these issues by providing an approach for both Forest User Group (FUG) members and forestry field staff to learn together from the process. … Continue reading

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Action Research and Communicative Action – Changing Teaching Practices and the Organization of Educational Work

Read This paper aims to make a small contribution to the development of some theorising around action research and education, examining a series of topics – Understanding education in a time of change; Studying practice; Action research and the study … Continue reading

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A failure of imagination

A failure of imagination   It’s a failure of imagination. No one has been able to come up with a decent idea to deal with the problem. And it’s also an indication of why the U.S. is behind in Science … Continue reading

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