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On recalling Actor-network Theory

Bruno Latour . The paper explores one after the other the four difficulties of actor-network theory, that is the words ‘actor’, ‘network’ and ‘theory’—without forgetting the hyphen. It tries to refocus the originality of what is more a method to … Continue reading

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Bruno Latour: Reassembling the Social – an Introduction to Actor-network Theory

Bruno Latour. The argument of this book can be stated very simply: when social scientists add the adjective ‘social’ to some phenomenon, they designate a stabilized state of affairs, a bundle of ties that, later, may be mobilized to account … Continue reading

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Actor–network Theory

Actor–network theory, often abbreviated as ANT, is an approach to social theory and research, originating in the field of science studies, which treats objects as part of social networks. Although it is best known for its controversial insistence on the … Continue reading

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From Organizational Learning to Practice-Based Knowing

Different streams of research, traversing the boundaries of scientific discipline, are converging on an understanding (and a methodology) based on a pragmatic theory of knowing that reframes traditional research into organizational learning. Practice is the figure of discourse that allows … Continue reading

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Beyond embeddedness: economic practices and the invisible dimensions of transnational business activity

Embeddedness remains a central concept in much economic geographical thought for understanding how social factors influence economic activity. Recent commentators have argued for a re-conceptualization that entails a relational and processual redefinition of the concept. This paper argues, however, that … Continue reading

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