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In and Against the State – Gramsci, War of Position, and Adult Education

Read This paper focuses on the way a state-funded university, as an important institution of civil society, consolidates existing hegemonic arrangements and, at the same time, offers spaces wherein these arrangements can be contested. Using ethnographic data culled from structured … Continue reading

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Gramsci, Freire, and Adult Education: possibilities for Transformative Action

This book focuses on two of the most cited figures in the debate on radical education, Antonio Gramsci and Paulo Freire. Both regarded forms of adult education as having an important role to play in the struggle for liberation from … Continue reading

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A democracy we can eat: a livelihoods approach to TVET policy and provision

Read In Southern Africa, theories of adult education have remained modelled on imported paradigms. The urgency of particularly the first of the Millennium Development Goals, ‘to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger’ generally translates into policy and provision of skills training … Continue reading

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Education for the People – Concepts of Grundtvig, Tagore, Gandhi and Freire

Read A very long distance lies between the State of Bengal, India and Denmark.  Similarly, Brazil and India are separated by two oceans and the African continent. Accordingly, it seems a daring enterprise to embark upon a project which aims … Continue reading

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Citizenship as Politics – International Perspectives From Adult Education

Citizenship is a contested terrain, very much linked to issues of power. The more progressive literature associates it with contributions made by individuals and groups/movements to the democratic public sphere. This entails an engagement in the ongoing struggle to safeguard … Continue reading

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