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Escolas Experimentais abolem divisão por sala e usam Arte como Fio Condutor

A história das Escolas Experimentais, na Argentina, remonta a 1958, quando duas professoras universitárias decidiram abrir uma pequena escola baseada na avaliação de que era necessário estudar e implementar experiências alternativas de educação. Passados 58 anos de muita luta, existem … Continue reading

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Aftermath of a Crisis

The Aftermath Project provides a social and cultural analysis of the crisis, to add to the prevailing economic and financial arguments. It develops the idea that the crisis was the result of the same sources that led to the rise … Continue reading

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Ways to Build a Liberated Society Beyond Capitalism

Thus, capitalist structures (corporations, governments, banks, schools, etc.) are not seized so much as simply abandoned. Capitalist relations are not fought so much as they are simply rejected. We stop participating in activities that support (finance, condone) the capitalist world … Continue reading

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Alternative Teaching Methods

Traditional schools “with their lectures, homework, and report cards” aren’t for everyone. Here are five alternative approaches to education. 1. Montessori. Dr. Maria Montessori, the first woman in Italy to earn her physician’s degree, developed the educational model that bears … Continue reading

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How a Radical New Teaching Method Could Unleash a Generation of Geniuses

Juárez Correa didn’t know it yet, but he had happened on an emerging educational philosophy, one that applies the logic of the digital age to the classroom. That logic is inexorable: Access to a world of infinite information has changed … Continue reading

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Conheça homens e mulheres que optaram por uma vida mais simples

Na contramão da sociedade contemporânea, homens e mulheres optam por uma vida mais simples. Eles garantem que são mais felizes. Conheça as histórias. Existe um movimento chamado simplicidade voluntária, que é um estilo de vida no qual os indivíduos conscientemente … Continue reading

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Aftermath: The Cultures of the Economic Crisis

The crisis of global capitalism that has unfolded since 2008 is more than an economic crisis. It is structural and multidimensional. The sequence of events that have taken place in its aftermath show that we are entering a world that … Continue reading

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Trois critères pour la recherche d’alternatives

C’est peu de dire que l’idée d’alternative est dans l’actualité. Mais comment se construit une alternative ? Sur quelles bases peut-elle tenir ? Je commence à réfléchir à la question pour nourrir mes recherches sur les formes d’organisation qui subsistent … Continue reading

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Capitalism Has Failed – Five Bold Ways to Build a New World

The problem, in a nutshell, is this: The old economic model has utterly failed us. It has destroyed our communities, our democracy, our economic security, and the planet we live on. The old industrial-age systems – state communism, fascism, free-market … Continue reading

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