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The evolution of animal ‘cultures’ and social intelligence

Decades-long field research has flowered into integrative studies that, together with experimental evidence for the requisite social learning capacities, have indicated a reliance on multiple traditions (‘cultures’) in a small number of species. It is increasingly evident that there is great variation … Continue reading

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Evolution – Taxonomies of Cognition

From world-renowned biologist and primatologist Frans de Waal, a groundbreaking work on animal intelligence destined to become a classic. What separates your mind from an animal’s? Maybe you think it’s your ability to design tools, your sense of self, or … Continue reading

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The Long Evolutionary History of Play

Play has long been considered an enigmatic behavior that is hard to define, but having many putative functions difficult to confirm. This situation is changing quite rapidly in recent years. This introduction to a special issue on play provides some … Continue reading

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Anthropocentrism is not the first step in Children’s reasoning about the Natural World

What is the relation between human and nonhuman animals? As adults, we construe this relation flexibly, depending in part on the situation at hand. From a biological perspective, we acknowledge the status of humans as one species among many (as … Continue reading

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Wild Justice – The Moral Lives of Animals

Scientists have long counseled against interpreting animal behavior in terms of human emotions, warning that such anthropomorphizing limits our ability to understand animals as they really are. Yet what are we to make of a female gorilla in a German … Continue reading

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Petite Sociologie des Hiérarchies Animales

Cerfs, singes, poules… les animaux multiplient les postures d’intimidation ou de reconnaissance pour établir les relations entre dominants et dominés, le combat mortel, trop risqué, étant souvent évité. A découvrir dans un livre de l’essayiste Alexis Rosenbaum. Tocqueville le disait … Continue reading

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Dances with Bees: Exploring the Relevance of the Study of Animal Communication to Informatics

This paper describes part of a larger body of theoretical work which provides a new perspective on the nature of informatics, an umbrella term used to stand for the overlapping disciplinary areas of Information Systems, Information Management and Information Technology. … Continue reading

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Do Other Animals Make Music, or Just Sounds?

The question in the title of this post involves not one but two enigmas: Artistic merit is an abstract and slippery concept, and assigning intention to the actions of other species is a perpetual challenge. Thus, the question invites various, … Continue reading

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Collective Animal Behavior

Fish travel in schools, birds migrate in flocks, honeybees swarm, and ants build trails. How and why do these collective behaviors occur? Exploring how coordinated group patterns emerge from individual interactions, Collective Animal Behavior reveals why animals produce group behaviors … Continue reading

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Animals Creativity and Innovation

Can animals be creative? In 1953, on a small island off the coast of Japan, scientists began observing macaques to compare their behaviors with those of other primates. In order to habituate the shy macaques to their presence, the primatologists … Continue reading

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