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Our Panarchic Future

Holling and his colleagues call their ideas “panarchy theory“- after Pan, the ancient Greek god of nature. Together with anthropologist and historian Joseph Tainter’s ideas on complexity and social collapse, this theory helps us see our world’s tectonic stresses as … Continue reading

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Learning and Education for a Better World: The Role of Social Movements

This is a book for activists, students, scholars of social movements and adult education and for the public interested in the contemporary movements of our times. From the streets of Barcelona and Athens, the public squares in Cairo, Tunis and … Continue reading

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The Dialogic Change Model

The Dialogic Change Model introduced here allows for result-oriented, structured planning and implementation of a Stakeholder Dialogue. It is divided into four phases. This division has proven helpful in taking all demands and requirements of the different phases of a … Continue reading

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Complexity, organizations and change

Complexity Science has seriously challenged long held views in the scientific community about how the world works. These ideas, particularly about the living world, also have radical and profound implications for organizations and society as a whole. Complexity, Organizations and … Continue reading

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Dialogue, Creativity and Change

It seems odd to us to write about dialogue, creativity, and change without attempting to explicitly integrate the conversational partners with whom we are engaged. This means not only incorporating others’ ways of describing dialogue processes, but also, embodying in … Continue reading

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Changing Ourselves to Change the World

We are not doomed to Repeat the Past, and Neither is the World. Psychologists often say that the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. We all see the truth of this maxim: we do what we know–or do … Continue reading

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A new change model – Factors for initiating and implementing personal action learning

This paper embraces new ways of thinking about learning, knowledge, action and change to suggest a personal action learning change model. A set of factors is described through which an individual can initiate and implement personal change from the inside … Continue reading

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Awareness is in the balance

“Change happens when there is a reasonable balance between dissatisfaction and hope.” If I’m not yet ‘aware’ of climate change, or child labour, or the dangers of tobacco, it’s hardly for lack of information. Pushing more information at me will … Continue reading

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Bottlenecks for change

Influential community leaders might hinder transformations in natural resource management. Adaptive governance and the active engagement of resource users at different scales is increasingly considered to be crucial for changes in the governance of ecosystems services. However, there are also … Continue reading

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Extreme Events

An extreme event (Xevent) is a rare incidence with potentially significant societal implications. While a specific Xevent has a low probability, due to the range of possible Xevents and due to a myriad of global networks acting as transmission paths, … Continue reading

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