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The Learning Environment as a Chaotic and Complex Adaptive System

Thrivability is a novel concept describing the intention to go beyond sustainability, allowing a system to flourish. For a society or organization to be thrivable, educated, responsible acting agents are needed. Traditional education focuses on (efficient) reproduction of existing organised … Continue reading

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Self-Organization, Emergence and Multi-Agent Systems

We begin by describing the importance of emergence and the need, in certain situations, to move away from a reduction mindset to a more holist approach. We define the term emergence in context of self-organizing systems, autopoiesis and chaotic systems. … Continue reading

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Chaos Theory and the Sciences of Complexity: Foundations for Transforming Education

An understanding of chaos theory and the sciences of complexity is crucial to systemic transformation of our educational systems to better meet the rapidly changing needs of our children and communities. Helpful concepts include co-evolution, disequilibrium, positive feedback, perturbance, transformation, … Continue reading

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Educating far from Equilibrium: Chaos Philosophy and the Quest for Complexity in Education

It would be futile, John Dewey argued in 1902, to think that we have to choose between child centered, progressive education and traditional, subject-matter-oriented approaches. Calling for adaptivity, he stressed that we need the act of balancing the one with … Continue reading

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Quantitative Research Methods in Chaos and Complexity

In addition to qualitative methods presented in chaos and complexity theories in educational research, this article addresses quantitative methods that may show potential for future research studies. Although much in the social and behavioral sciences literature has focused on computer … Continue reading

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On Karl Marx, Chaos and Creativity

A more mundane lesson is that some creative people thrive on chaos. Every pop-psychology nostrum about creativity – the importance of balance, of cultivating undistracted focus, of getting plenty of exercise – is undermined by the many chaotic creatives whose … Continue reading

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Chaos, Complexity, Curriculum and Culture: A Conversation

Although the fields of chaos and complexity are important in a number of disciplines, they have not yet been influential in education. This book remedies this dilemma by gathering essays by authors from around the world who have studied and … Continue reading

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The Autopoietic State: Communication and Democratic Potential in the Net

The relationship between the practice of democracy and the use of new information technologies is dependent upon the technologies of communication and information, rules regarding the use of those technologies, and the nature of the entity making rules regarding those … Continue reading

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Chaos, complexity, and sociology: myths, models, and theories

Chaos theory has firmly established itself in many of the physical sciences, such as geology and fluid dynamics. This edited volume helps locate this revolutionary theory in sociology as well as the other social sciences. Doors previously closed to social … Continue reading

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Complexity Theory and Management Practice

There is a growing popular literature on chaos and complexity authored by scientists of high reputation writing about research fields in which they are themselves active. There is also a burgeoning literature which draws on this work to address management … Continue reading

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