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International Handbook on Child Rights and School Psychology

The school community in its optimal form is organized and designed to promote child development and learning in ways that wil serve the child and the community. In the general case worldwide, the expectations, goals, and processes of the school community fall significantly short of appreciation … Continue reading

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Parental and social factors in relation to child psychopathology, behavior, and cognitive function

Parental and social factors have a long-term impact on the neurodevelopment of offspring but tend to highly covary with each other. Thus, it is difficult to parse out which parental and social factor contributes most to neurodevelopmental outcomes. This study … Continue reading

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How Early Academic Training Retards Intellectual Development

In my last post, I summarized research indicating that early academic training produces long-term harm. Now, in this post, I will delve a bit into the question of how that might happen. It’s useful here to distinguish between academic skills and … Continue reading

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Early Academic Training Produces Long-Term Harm

Many preschool and kindergarten teachers have told me that they are extremely upset—some to the point of being ready to resign—by the increased pressure on them to teach academic skills to little children and regularly test them on such skills. … Continue reading

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The Way We Were: 10 Crucial Child Psychology Studies

Once upon a time, although it seems barely credible to us now, we were all children. We gurgled, we cried, we laughed, we explored, we fell down, and we had very little idea about the journey on which we had … Continue reading

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