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Income Inequality in today’s China

Using multiple data sources, we establish that China’s income inequality since 2005 has reached very high levels, with the Gini coefficient in the range of 0.53–0.55. Analyzing comparable survey data collected in 2010 in China and the United States, we … Continue reading

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The Great Transformation in the Global Labour Market

The trends identified in our research suggest that a defining feature of the shift from multinational to transnational companies is the development of global webs of high-, medium- and low-skilled work that straddle national borders, where a growing proportion of … Continue reading

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Understanding the rise of China – Martin Jacques

———– Read also: Cross-Cultural Leadership: How Will China Influence The World?

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Networking Guanxi

Guanxi is a fundamental web of interpersonal relations permeating Chinese societies that should not be facilely dichotomized into “bad” bribery relations and “good” friendship ties. Guanxi  forms multidimensional continua of interpersonal behavior rather than a bad/good dichotomy. Guanxi relationships can … Continue reading

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Things Europe Never Invented: Ancient Chinese Inventions

Europeans often claim they are superior based on “their” inventions. But as this Discovery Channel documentary shows, Europeans merely copied many inventions that originated in The East.

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Urban Clusters in China

The urban world is shifting. Today only 600 urban centers generate about 60 percent of global GDP. While 600 cities will continue to account for the same share of global GDP in 2025, this group of 600 will have a … Continue reading

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Forecasting 2011’s risks affecting the economic and political landscape

Top forecasters predict where this year’s economic and political risks will be and why they matter. While the specter of the financial crisis still looms, countries are emerging from its wake and becoming part of an increasingly interconnected, dynamic political … Continue reading

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Shanghai and Hong Kong: Two Distinct Examples of Education Reform in China

China has made huge strides in educating its population. During the Cultural Revolution, educated people, including teachers, were sent to rural areas to work in the fields. The teaching force was effectively destroyed. But, not three decades later, parts of … Continue reading

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