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Weapons don’t fight pandemics

The COVID-19 pandemic shows that we’ve got our security priorities wrong. Virus outbreaks, after all, cannot be contained by military force. Time for a security rethink. Nations have failed to recognize the biggest threats to our safety: pandemics, climate change … Continue reading

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Resilience implications of Policy responses to Climate Change

This article examines whether some response strategies to climate variability and change have the potential to undermine long-term resilience of social–ecological systems. We define the parameters of a resilience approach, suggesting that resilience is characterized by the ability to absorb … Continue reading

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Early warning of Climate Tipping Points

A climate ‘tipping point’ occurs when a small change in forcing triggers a strongly nonlinear response in the internal dynamics of part of the climate system, qualitatively changing its future state. Human-induced climate change could push several large-scale ‘tipping elements’ … Continue reading

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Exploring the Role of Indigenous Ecological Knowledge in Climate Change Initiatives

Indigenous populations are projected to face disproportionate impacts as a result of climate change in comparison to nonindigenous populations. For this reason, many American Indian and Alaska Native tribes are identifying and implementing culturally appropriate strategies to assess climate impacts … Continue reading

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The Teach-in on Global Warming Solutions and Vygotsky – Fostering Ecological Action and Environmental Citizenship

The Teach-in on Global Warming Solutions is part of a larger socio-environmental movement concerned with combating climate change. Highlighting the history and elements of the teach-in as a model of learning, the article examines the teach-in movement, using a local … Continue reading

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Resource Guide on Gender and Climate Change

Climate change is the defining human development issue of our generation. The 2007 Human Development report acknowledges that climate change threatens to erode human freedoms and limit choice and the report further underscores that gender inequality intersects with climate risks … Continue reading

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