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Imaging Social Motivation: Distinct Brain Mechanisms Drive Effort Production during Collaboration versus Competition

Collaborative and competitive interactions have been investigated extensively so as to understand how the brain makes choices in the context of strategic games, yet such interactions are known to influence a more basic dimension of behavior: the energy invested in … Continue reading

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Distributed Creativity: How Collective Creations Emerge From Collaboration

Creativity is often considered to be a mental process that occurs within a person’s head. In this article, we analyze a group creative process: One that generates a creative product, but one in which no single participant’s contribution determines the … Continue reading

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Advancing the Science of Collaborative Problem Solving

Collaborative problem solving (CPS) has been receiving increasing international attention because much of the complex work in the modern world is performed by teams. However, systematic education and training on CPS is lacking for those entering and participating in the … Continue reading

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Improving education for collaborative problem solving

Many environmental, social, and public health problems require collaborative problem solving because they are too complex for an individual to work through alone. This requires research and technical workforce that is better prepared for collaborative problem-solving. How can this be … Continue reading

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The Extraordinary Power of Collaboration

Last week I attended TEDxLincolnSquare: Risk Takers and Change Makers. The theater was intimate and cozy, and the messages were big and bold. You could sense the emotion and passion as each of the diverse presenters spoke. I also had the … Continue reading

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The role of Common Knowledge in achieving Collaboration across Practices

Working across practice boundaries on complex societal problems is now commonplace. Yet we know relatively little about what enables it to happen successfully. One analytic challenge for studies of inter-professional work is to understand what mediates collaboration across the boundaries … Continue reading

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Facilitating Collective Intelligence

Perhaps the greatest challenge we face in the modern world is the challenge of effective collaboration. In social, political, business and educational settings, working groups often fail to solve complex problems because their method of collaborative problem solving is ineffective. … Continue reading

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Design for Emergence: Collaborative Social Play

Design for Emergence investigates spontaneous, unpredictable uses of technology that are driven by social contexts and collaborative processes, based on our ability to communicate our presence, both virtual and physical, in symbolic ways. In light of the fact that social … Continue reading

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Semiotic Dynamics and Collaborative Tagging

Collaborative tagging has been quickly gaining ground because of its ability to recruit the activity of web users into effectively organizing and sharing vast amounts of information. Here we collect data from a popular system and investigate the statistical properties … Continue reading

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Organizing in the Age of Competition, Cooperation, and Collaboration

The purpose of this article is to describe how organizations have evolved across three periods of modern economic history. These periods can be called the age of competition, age of cooperation, and age of collaboration. The major organizational forms that … Continue reading

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